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Agile and productive software development
GeneXus is the software development solution used by companies, corporations, software houses and governments all over the world. Its business knowledge-centered approach makes it the most agile and productive tool for all development projects. How do we do IT?
Most flexible and adaptable platform
From Legacy applications to desktop and web applications and native mobile applications, GeneXus has the most extensive platform support in the market. There is simply no other Enterprise App development platform supporting as many languages, databases and systems. Supported Technologies
The only app platform resilient to change
GeneXus approach to app creation is future-proof, because we separate the desired applications from the target technology. Users describe applications and they are automatically generated for any supported platform. Learn our Philosophy
24 years next to our users
For over two decades, the GeneXus application development solution helped thousands of companies and IT professionals in their migrations from old to new technologies, and in thriving in an ever-changing IT world. Discover their stories

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“With GeneXus™ it was possible to develop without depending on databases, languages, operating systems, Web based systems, or Client-server systems. In other words, we could finally move to our desired replacement platform from our old technology”
 Kenji KatsumataMitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

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